A Place in the Sun

I’d always suspected this was incredible and guess what? It totally is. 

And despite the predictability of its brilliance, it still offers plenty of surprises. And Monty, as always, is a revelation. 

The empathy displayed here is astounding. Every character is a tragedy. Peripeteia and Anagnorisis abound. 

Stevens really seems like he understood what the method was and how to best showcase it on film. He constantly puts the camera behind Clift; giving us medium shots with his entire body in view. So much of the performance comes from his back and shoulders. It’s amazing. 

I was also quite surprised by how political this was. I always thought the British were the most adept at indicting class, but it turns out the Yankees can do more than stick feathers in their caps and call it macaroni. 

Essential viewing.

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