Brief Encounter

Despite being completely immersed in the film, I began sensing someone's presence behind me. I paused the movie, turned around, and found my wife fiddling with some things on the counter. I could tell there was something on her mind...

- What's wrong?

- I think we need more Christmas lights.

- Honey, we do not need any more Christmas lights.

- Did you not see the house across the street? He added two more rows this afternoon.

- Stop obsessing over that house. Our lights look fine. Can't you see you're falling into a dangerous game of One-Upmanship? And besides, that guys lights are...

- Maybe I should buy one of those inflatable lawn ornaments?

- I thought you said those things were tacky?

- Well, they are, but I just know he's gonna end up getting one, and I kind of wanna beat him to the punch.

- Sweetheart, we're gonna end up blowing our entire budget on decorations. We're gonna have no money left over for the kids' presents.

- Sigh. I suppose you're right... Hey, speaking of the kids; did you make them their lunches for school tomorrow?

- All taken care of. I made them these new tuna/avocado/yellow pepper wrap thingamajigs I came up with.

- Oh no. Those poor children.

- I'm just gonna ignore you now.

I turned back to the television, pressed play, and was immediately transported back to pre-war Britain and the tragic romance of Laura and Alec.

- Good movie?

- Friggin unbelievable.

- What's it called?

- Brief Encounter.

- Brief Encounter? You know, if you and I ever make a sex tape, we might just have to steal that title.

- Wanna know something? You're mean.

- Okay, Loverboy. I'll see you in a bit.

- Where are you going?

- Canadian Tire. There's an inflatable BB-8 wearing a Santa hat that's 50% off today.

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