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Taiwan Noir, or Taiwanese 'Black Movies'

Work in progress. An attempt to make an exhaustive list of topical, contemporary-set exploitation and genre films made during the early 80s in Taiwan.

Title of this list inspired by the podcast of the same name hosted by Kenneth Brorsson and featuring John Charles and the late Todd Stadtman.

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  • The First Error Step
  • Gunshot at 6 in the Morning
  • On the Society File of Shanghai
  • Virago
  • Fighting Duel of Death
  • Coming with a Gun
  • Woman Revenger
  • The Third Face
  • Queen Bee
  • Queen Bee's Revenge
  • The Lady Avenger
  • Underground Wife
  • Pink Force Commando
  • Girls' Reformatory
  • Of Bloody Peony at Night
  • Lady Piranha
  • Phoenix the Raider
  • First Exposure
  • The Stunning Gambling
  • Kill for Love
  • Devil Returns
  • Red Rattlesnake
  • Pink Thief
  • Breaking Through the Black Whirl
  • Impossible Woman
  • Seven Black Heroines
  • Exposed to Danger
  • The Anger
  • Girl with a Gun
  • Fury of a Virgin
  • The Challenge of the Lady Ninja
  • Who Knows About Me
  • Breakout From Oppression
  • Taiwan Black Movies
  • Handsome Vagabond
  • Manhood
  • Seven Steps to Showdown