Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

Once again Mondo Cinema is debating the merits of a slasher film, this time Steve Miners Friday the 13th part 3. Three in my opinion is a slight change of tone and pace from the previous two films in the Jason saga. Like part two its a great slasher flick that has a few issues and a few great things going for it.
The 3d gimmick is hokey and hurts the film in minor ways. I hear it looked great during the theatrical run but still people sticking things in the camera for no reason is just stupid. What is with the retcon of the ending to part two? Not only did they change Jason's look they totally edited out the jumping through the window scene, it just ends at the shack in the woods. Who had the idea for the fucking disco music theme? What is the deal with the two old stoners who hang out with a group of teens? Why make Jason a would be rapist? If you have the answers shoot us a line here at Mondo Cinema. What the film does have going for it is making Jason a constant evil presence, he is always around watching waiting in the back ground. Its like he is the personification of dread its self. Some of the kills are great and brutal, Jason is way more physical in this outing. Lets not forget this is the first film with the iconic mask. Part three is a great film that I feel is overshadowed by the following film in the series The Final Chapter. Cheers from Mondo Cinema.

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