Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★

First right out of the starting gate, I wish to say I do not condone the foul treatment of animals in this film.
That being said, Savage Beasts is a prime example of the insane cinema coming out of Italy in the Eighties. I'm not sure where even to start, because this thing is jam packed with everything you would expect, shitty soft jazz sound track, gore, terrible dubbing, women being treated like shit, nudity, dudes in hazmat suits, flame throwers, creepy children, social commentary all in a show with everything but Yul Brenner.
What surprised me was the production value of this movie, most of these are some low budget affairs, but this uses actual animals, tigers, polar bears, lions, etc. Sometimes a brief shot of a puppet is used but most of the time the actors are interacting with live big game animals.
Even the plot is over the top in this one, pcp is released in the city water supply driving the animals insane, soon they break out and raid the city.
I did have to take a full star away for the scenes involving animals getting hurt or killed on screen, and it appears a lot in this one, to bad they could have not taken the high road and faked some of that stuff.
All in all this one has to be seen to be believed, so gather up a group of friends a case of cold suds and enjoy. Cheers from Mondo Cinema.

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