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  • The House on Tombstone Hill

    The House on Tombstone Hill


    Famously slapped with the misleading title Dead Dudes in the House and given a goofy poster with none of the actual actors on it, this is really a slight but enjoyable (and extremely gory) tale about some friends doing a weekend house renovation only to run afoul of a killer granny from beyond the grave. Much easier to appreciate now thanks to the Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray, which allows you to actually see what the heck's going on once night falls.…

  • The Collector

    The Collector


    Superb, deeply chilling showcase for Terence Stamp and Samantha Eggar in a tale of captivity and manipulation that remains incredibly gripping, tense, and beautifully mounted to this day. At first it seems odd this was directed by Hollywood legend William Wyler, but he proves more than up to the task here with the closest he ever came to a pure horror film.

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  • Mandy



    Delirious tale of vengeance and drug-fueled religious mania in the Pacific Northwest manages to paint the screen red both literally and figuratively thanks to its hyper-stylized color scheme and jaw-dropping violent highlights. Definitely more accessible than Panos Cosmatos' previous Beyond the Black Rainbow but definitely from the same hand, especially the tripped-out final half hour. Having Cage around to keep it grounded and darkly hilarious helps a lot, too, and Linus Roache has a field day in a role Richard…

  • Pieces



    It sounds weird to call a gory, over-the-top misogynist Spanish slasher film "lovable," but that's exactly what this slice of giddy, blood-sprayed stupidity is. Juan Piquer Simón helmed this drive-in favorite, which rolled out unrated in the '80s and went on to stun an entire generation on VHS. Apart from the wildly quotable dialogue, it's an orgy of old school gore effects, brain-dead characters, and cool synth music pilfered from earlier Italian horror films, plus the great Paul L. Smith (Bluto from Popeye) as the world's greatest chainsaw-wielding red herring. I could watch this one again right now.