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  • When the Wind Blows

    When the Wind Blows


    A heartbreaking and bleak masterpiece of animation and character driven story. It’s honestly harrowing at the end with its many experimental shots and brilliant soundtrack. It always just makes me think of my nana and pop in this situation, and afterwards I always imagine it all being real and it’s terrifying.

  • SS Experiment Love Camp

    SS Experiment Love Camp


    So boring and tame but the final 15 minutes are so stupid and fun that it really redeemed itself.

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  • Joker



    Remember when cinema was allowed to be dangerous? When it broke rules and smashed the mould? It’s a rare thing now days, the 70’s was in my opinion the last era of truly risk taking cinema, I just love that the true rule breaker is a “comic book” movie, the kind of movie that in my opinion is killing cinema to a certain degree, I guess art imitates life, imitates art, imitates art.

    This will be looked at as important cinema.

  • Parasite



    So I finished parasite more than half an hour ago and it’s still in my mind, I had read nothing into it or watched a trailer, I’d heard all the raves, noticed that it’s still in cinemas, so today when I saw it for sale on blu ray I purchased it. 
    I can definitely see everyone’s point, it’s an enthralling film that’s performed perfectly, shot beautifully and it really is best going in knowing nothing at all.
    I need to…