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  • Death Plots

    Death Plots

    First off, IT'S DEBBIE ROCHON'S BIRTHDAY!! So I had to celebrate with the most low budget lookin piece of trash I could find (on Amazon Prime nonetheless). And this truly delivers as stupid nonsense. Debbie "hosts" this anthology as Mistress Missy, she gives us monologues about cheating death and how much she loves her son who is literally just a plastic skeleton that they flail around on camera. Not to mention all of her scenes and the entire wraparound segment…

  • Antfarm Dickhole

    Antfarm Dickhole


    This is the third time I've sat through this entire godforsaken movie! I am starting to like it. It is completely brain numbingly idiotic and awful in every sense of the word but like, hearing grown men sit around talking about their pee-pees and making ant puns, dick jokes, fart jokes, complaining about other grown men bullying them, and occasionally murdering people with the ants inside their pee-pees... it's just, Art. Truly.

    I think the reason this is bearable compared…

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  • The Green Inferno

    The Green Inferno


    I met Eli Roth.

    I just met Eli fucking Roth. Wow. Okay I don't know how much of this will be an actual review of the movie and how much will be me gushing over how sweet and amazing Eli is but bear with me. I won tickets to meet Eli and see a screening of this movie as part of Wizard World in Chicago. Unfortunately I didn't know that the reception was 21+ (that's because the contest I entered…

  • Cult of Chucky

    Cult of Chucky


    Film #28 of Shocktober17

    I am so happy to say that Cult of Chucky is good fun. There's many familiar faces on display here, and Jennifer Tilly has a larger role in this movie than Curse (it's not huge, but she's in more than one scene!). They revive the character of Andy which was a nice touch as well.

    The majority of the movie is spent following Nica as she is dealing with her life in a mental hospital, following…