Saw II

Saw II ★★★

Always found this to be one of the weakest in the series which hasn't really changed much (I went up half a star cause 2 and a half is kind of harsh but also... no it isn't). It is nice to see shitty cops suffer, although I've always maintained that I don't understand why all of the people in the house were playing the game since we don't even get to hear most of their tapes and it's extremely shitty that John is just like "well, I need to teach this one guy a lesson so you are all going to learn today because I have CANCER!!!!" but that's always been his deal - which is funny because as a kid I really thought John was the coolest murderer ever. Like, idk what that says about me lmao, but I thought he was sooo justified even though he absolutely is not in any way shape or form and I hate that he chose Amanda because she was a drug addict as if taking drugs is as bad as FRAMING people for CRIMES because you're a shitty fucking cop. Ok John.

It's fine, though. I love Amanda very much. Glad she was brought back.

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