The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★

I can't be mad at people for enjoying this movie, it's an easy to digest slasher with 80s pop and neon lights, but it's also lazy and empty and boring. For some reason sackhead stranger man is a comic relief character here which is annoying and unfunny, since his kooky funny moments only revolve around him sitting in a car playing 80s music and not speaking. The characters are devoid of any sense or any redeeming or even interesting qualities. Our supposed heroine is a whiny emo-lite teenager and her brother is her... baseball-playing brother. That's where characterizations end. At one point the brother has a gun and has it pointed at one of the people who just tried to murder his sister, and instead of shooting her or even trying to injure her, he just runs away. After that the gun is never mentioned again and neither him or his sister have it.

After they frequently make the dumbest decisions ever, I wanted both of them to die at the end. That's not good considering we are supposed to be rooting for the kids, but I really just hated both of them. I couldn't even root for the strangers because they're BORING and there's too many of them for them to be spread out chasing kids around a trailer park - as a result, their screentime is unbalanced and the dark-haired stranger lady (wth are their names?!) has nothing to do at all here. Not that I really care because I don't care about any of them, but it seems pointless to include all three of them when they aren't given an opportunity to do anything cool.

Also, I love Total Eclipse of the Heart as much as the next person, but one ok scene in an equally boring and frustrating movie doesn't make it good.

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