Who Wants To Be A Vampire Bride?

Who Wants To Be A Vampire Bride? ★★★★

This is an absurdly cute WAVE movie and my queen Pamela Sutch shines in it, like all movies she is in. Three girlies move into a house and unbeknownst to them there is a vampire living in their basement. They awaken him and he tells them he has a GIANT SCHLONG. Well, how could they possibly resist him? So they all try-out to be his vampire bride.

This is so... non-exploitative for a WAVE film? Which feels weird to say. There's the occasional nip-slip but beyond that there is barely any nudity. The vampire is actually super hot and I would also fight my friends to be his bride so it's a total win all-around. We see Pamela perform some acrobatic sex moves, Debbie flashes her tits, and Lauren pretends to be an innocent virgin until she's bit and then she whips her hair around which is apparently very erotic for vampires.

Overall, extremely funny, lighthearted, and a wonderful lil WAVE movie. Also had a blast watching this w my gals Roxxi n Noel <3

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