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  • Tenet



    Christopher Nolan has never disappointed me, but "Tenet" actually comes pretty close. In relating his tale of a CIA officer who navigates time travel to save the world from a wealthy Russian maniac, Nolan gives us lots, and lots, and lots of expository dialogue, much of it uttered by characters through oxygen masks, hence much of it is completely indecipherable.

    A shame, because some of the dialogue I could understand is pretty sharp, showcasing Nolan's gift for dry British humor…

  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


    This is the "Citizen Kane" of "Star Trek" movies, a sprawling sci-fi epic that masterfully explores the concepts of revenge, friendship, the danger of playing God and wrestling with the idea of aging. It's also a superbly crafted thriller.

    After 1979's underwhelming "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", Paramount wisely chose to essentially reboot the whole thing, the masterstroke being the return of Khan, the charismatic villain first seen in the original TV series. Khan's introduction here, in which he captures…

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  • Interstellar



    Christopher Nolan's movies have, in a way, always existed on a level all their own. Even his "Dark Knight" trilogy of films, which could have just coasted on the Batman mythos, continually delved into a multitude of themes and common issues of the day, using thrilling set pieces to make a very basic point. 2010's "Inception", which I still consider a virtually perfect movie, used the bewildering plot device of dream invasion to tell a simple story about a guy…

  • Inception



    “Inception” is Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, the high watermark of his career, and considering his body of work as a whole, that’s saying a lot. Nolan’s greatest achievement here is probably that he was able to take such an absurd premise and give it coherence, expert pacing and even profound emotional impact.

    Nolan created one of his most compelling characters in Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), who specializes in a unique form of industrial espionage: with his skills and a machine whose…