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  • The Phantom Carriage

    The Phantom Carriage


    Ebenezer Scrooge meets Knut Hamsun's irrational nihilists seeking salvation meets a collection of prolonged, haunting, and melancholic affection-images. Sjostrom's narrative really gets under the skin.

    "Lord, please let my soul come to maturity before it is reaped."

  • The World According to Garp

    The World According to Garp


    john irving expresses his castration anxiety in this film where lord farquad plays a transgender football player

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  • Eureka



    Grief. I feel better now.

  • It's Such a Beautiful Day

    It's Such a Beautiful Day


    Hertzfeldt hit a developmental peak at 13 and decided he'd add an existential bent to his "eccentric" observational humor while he was doodling stick figures at a college lecture on Sartre.