Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ★½

bo burnham tries to do self-awareness but isn’t self-aware enough anymore to be funny, witty or clever. he’s still trapped in outdated millennial early 2010’s humour and somehow isn’t aware of the irony of him talking about neoliberalism and the privilege and arrogance of rich white people while possessing the ego and privilege of the very thing he is criticising. 

i really loved bo burnham as a kid, just like most people did, to see him become so try-hard, ridiculously self-pitying and pathetically unfunny in a way that wreaks of a sadness and an emptiness, is utterly heartbreaking. 

the whole special lacks heart and empathy, everything feels forced, from the way he physically presents himself to the fake mental breakdowns. it feels completely detached from any genuine need to express and create art but rather a need to feel validated and relevant. 

he tries to critique the internet but literally doesn’t understand the internet, how it operates and therefore completely misses the mark every single time. he depends on relatability so much, it feels so rancid, disingenuous and dark. there’s no subtlety, and even when he is funny, it’s not because he’s made an actual joke, it’s because he’s pointed out a very obvious thing about the world in a somewhat quirky way. 

he’s not really ever saying anything about anything because he can’t. most of the songs in this aren’t that great either, that becomes evident when all of them just bleed into each other and repeat the same self-indulgent surface-level shit. it is well-shot mostly and the best part was the end that was creative but meant nothing because it wasn’t set up. it sucks to know i probably won’t like his other specials if i were to rewatch them, but also i’m glad to know bo burnham and his brand of comedy doesn’t appeal to me anymore

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