Cherry ★★

not as bad as i thought it’d be, very self-indulgent and stupidly over the top though, which isn’t inherently an awful thing, it’s just to the point however where you don’t really care about anything because it’s all so very carelessly melodramatic, ridiculous to a bizarre level and weirdly detached from everything about itself, in a way that feels rather passive-aggressive and insulting. i honestly appreciate how weird and uncanny it is, but i couldn’t get into it, not really even in a fun way.

it accelerates through most of it’s major emotional moments and ultimately leaves you feeling like you’ve wasted your time because nothing feels important or of any worth. all the characters are boring and bland and their decisions feel purposeless and baseless, it shifts tonally a lot in very jarring ways, the messaging is messy and indirect and has about twenty thousand different types of shots and camera movements which as fun as they all are, felt obnoxious and distracting. it feels bloated and rushed and shitty. in conclusion, dumb movie blahblah stupid lol

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