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  • Good Copy Bad Copy

    Good Copy Bad Copy


    This is a thoughtful and well made documentary that looks at the subject of copyright from both sides of the law, and with an international scope, to boot. I get jazzed when I hear or see anyone putting the spotlight on the creative aspects of sampling and cut-and-paste technology, and not just toeing the line on piracy and copyright violation. This insightful work explores the topics of hip-hop sampling, remix culture, file-sharing, movie piracy, and the state of the music…

  • 787 Cliparts

    787 Cliparts


    Simple and satisfying. Watch it on YouTube. It's since been mimicked for TV commercials, and Laric revisited the idea four years later with 2000 Cliparts.

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  • Tango



    One of those rare shorts that still surprises me with each subsequent viewing. I love how the titular soundtrack piece never speeds up or intensifies, even as the stream of people shuffling in and out builds to a choreographed chaos that’s just a wonder to watch. Recommended if you liked Cycles, Copy Shop, or Hertzfeldt's The Meaning of Life.

  • Rabbit



    The vintage children’s book style of this unusual and highly entertaining short was inspired by several sheets of educational stickers from the 1950s that director Run Wrake found in a thrift store. While the retro imagery might bring to mind the graphic design of artists like Winston Smith and Frank Kozik, this dark morality tale is able to fully explore the sinister motives of Dick and Jane that are only hinted at in the print work of Kozik or Smith. It’s terrific stuff.