• Renaissance



    I give it 1 star for the somewhat intriguing and ugly art style (can't see 80% of what's supposed to be on the screen amazing). +0.5 for trying to build some sort of a plot.

  • The World Is Yours

    The World Is Yours


    I watched it because of the cover art. Not bad, some funny parts, some good ideas + Mr. Freeze

  • The Whole Nine Yards

    The Whole Nine Yards


    Year 2000

  • Return of the Hero

    Return of the Hero


    Why the historical setting ? Some interesting subplots (duel, pyramid scheme) but didn't strike me as particularly funny overall + boring romance part.

  • La gueule de l'emploi

    La gueule de l'emploi



  • Dark City

    Dark City



  • Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

    Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes



  • Bee Movie

    Bee Movie


    Doesn't make sense

  • Eastern



    Some good ideas but it could have gone deeper with the plot.

    Movie is really cold and sometimes too dark (really I couldn't see anything).

  • The Lego Movie

    The Lego Movie


    Exactly what you could expect from a Lego movie

  • Golden Eighties

    Golden Eighties


    A huis clos in a shopping mall and a musical. Crazy crazy aesthetics. Capitalism and people's chaotic relationships.

  • The Parallax View

    The Parallax View


    Too slow for me with some great ideas and shots. I liked the overall ambiance. Got bored at times.

    Would recommend if you like those slow moving 70's movies + conspiracy investigation.