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  • Initiation



    "It's a weird country mate"

    Slow burn coming-of-age displaced in both guidance and continent. Pearce opens with an inbound arrival to the tune of Icehouse's Great Southern Land which, in collaboration with the sights of the great distance road trip that follows, identifies a state of Australiana in line with international perspective.

    Yet what's unearthed is how the serenity of the view does not sync with the hell of its toil. At the interpersonal level exists the financial distress of…

  • Boys Beware

    Boys Beware


    "One never knows when the homosexual is about"

    Of course this is a crime. But what's most insidious is how it tries to violently re-contextualise the idea of being closeted. All the same terminology and appearances are here, sharing the notion of how the difference between them and us are invisible. They're active parts of the community and are human to the touch - difference being where the hand ultimately ends up resting.

    In putting the hysteria into what a…

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  • BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky

    BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky

    Which is worse? Sitting through 79 minutes of disgusting trash ephemera that positions an industry of abuse and degradation as a dignified act of hard work? Or that said trash is about a clone of 2NE1 that achieved 100x the success at 1/100th the quality?

    Turns out both are pretty shit!

  • Family Romance, LLC

    Family Romance, LLC

    Not a fan at all, though that applies to all of Herzog's fictions from the past decade. He's conflicted by the honesty of forgery and the forgery of honesty. He wants the awkward embrace of reality that community television will present you, but then indulges in city-consuming drone shots that distance you from the facade of everyday. He casts the actual occupier of the many fake lives to recreate the false realities he has lived through, but then slaps a…