Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★

Initially a bloodless* DTV Starship Troopers sequel that hinges upon the intrusion of a store-bought cosplay Tony Jaa skewering monotony with explosive arrows. Yet Anderson’s beserker pace quickly reverts into a primal aggression that dismantles military codifying into character beats best barked through survivalist grunts and battle cries.

Thankfully Anderson’s editing principles have seen a chaotic refinement from the spliced hysteria of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, revisiting his quick-cutting as two vying extremes thrashing in an entanglement they’re desperately attempt to cleave from. Only to then throw an exclamation mark on it with a ludicrous display of soaring aerial shots whose grandiosity would be best scored by the hurrah of U2’s Beautiful Day chorus, further amplifying moments of absurdity in an already deeply bonkers film.

Tbh Ron Perlman’s preposterous anime wig alone warrants five stars but I don’t quite buy into Anderson’s important auteur status, especially when he’s yet to re-scale the peak he achieved with Mortal Kombat, though he completely repurposes its ending anyway.

*That said, the spiders bursting out that dude’s rib cage were GNARLY

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