Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust ★★★½

„Today People want Sensationals.
The more you rape their Senses, the happier they are.“

What can I say about "Cannibal Holocaust", that haven't been said before?
Really nothing!
Finally watching the Myth gave me the exact twisted Emotions, I wanted to have and heard from other People.
And watching somebody, slaughtering Gamera was really the last fucking Thing on Earth, I wanted to see...

This is just a shocking and disgusting Piece of tasteless Whatever, I wouldn't normaly call a good Film... but it's damn effective!
The Plot is thin af and the first Half dragged a little, till the first Shock happens... than nothing... another Shock(!)... nothing... SHOCK, and so on, I guess you understood, what I mean.
But the Shocks are... damn!
Never saw so much "Rape to Death" Stuff in 1 fucking Movie!

The Second Found-Footage Half was way more after my Taste!
The Shocks getting heavier from Minute to Minute and the Camera-Wobbling gives this Terror the true, realistic Touch!
I never thaught, I would be Team Cannibals... what a Bunch of white Pricks, "Survival of the Fittest" my Ass, kicking and shooting a little Pig without any Reason got nothing to do with that shitty Philosphy, Motherfucker!
Search your Dick in Hell Idiot, Greenpeace will find you!

The Animal-Kills are REALLY heavy and mostly unnecessary Crap.
I know, what they want to tell me with this, but Fuck, too far is too far AND I got a Gore-proofed Stomach, Man!

Justifiably a Myth and mostly known, heavy Picture!
But it's more a complete sick, Over-the-Top Shock-Show, than something, I would think about for Days and change my Opinion of Stuff, HELL NO!
An unique Picture, that you should really think twice about, whether you're ready for this tasteless Spook-Show!

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