Dune ★★★★½

A perfect Upbeat!

"This is my Dune. Kill them all!"

Besides "Godzilla vs. Kong" the only Blockbuster, I've experienced this Year in Cinema and holy Moly, what a Journey!
It's like a Mix between the best of "Mad Max", "Star Wars", "Game of Thrones" and "Lord of the Rings", combined in one breathtaking Space-Opera!

Warner Brother, please keep your Shit together and give Denis the Right, to blow us again with Part 2 and maybe even 3, this could be the greatest Trilogie since "Lord of the Rings", if they're holding THAT Quality-Level!
Truely a Film, you must experience in Cinema, the Munich-Dolby-Surround kicked my Mind straight into Goosebumb-Heaven constantly!

Ah yeah, and the Sand-Worms... you should have seen my giant-bright Smile during their first Appearance!
That's how you create Monster-Tension, damn it and some serious Competition to my beloved "Tremors"-Baby's!

Could be the best Blockbuster in Years, do yourself a Favour and watch it as soon as possible!

"There's something happening to me. There's something awakening in my Mind, and I can't control it."

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