I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer ★★★

„Look, you little shit-stick, Mayberry-ass reject, there's been a murder and you're gonna fry in Hell if you ignore it.“

I'm rewatching Buffy (the best Show EVER made) at the Moment and found that little Fella, getting dusty behind my DVD Shelf. Didn't liked it the first Time, just guessing.

It's a charming Mainstream Slasher with some naughty, teenage Brats, killing some random, Fisher-Dude by Accident.
Of course, they don't call the Police, cause their Future Lifes are TOO important and unique, so they drop his crashed Body into the Water and split up.
1 Year later, all 4 Pricks are reunited and stalked by... somebody who knows... what they did... LAST SUMMER!
I personally was Team Psychokiller, that 4 Douchebag's should rott in Hell.

Sorry Sarah, I love you but you really deserved the Haircut here.

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