Opera ★★★★

My Second Argento and my Love for him keeps growing!
Funny, I suspected a Kidnapping-Thriller, but this was something complete unique and different xD.

After the Accident of the Main Diva of Macbeth, Betty gets the Chance of her Life to play her Part.
Her Performance is a big Success and she becomes a Star over Night, but her first Stalker isn't far away...

This Film looks fantastic! Every practical Point, from the thrilling Camera to the phenomenal Opera-Set is just on Top!
Argento knows about the Beauty of Epic-Music and exactly, how to combine that with brutal Violence!
The Way, he plays with the Eyes of everyone was really great, poor Betty, blinking has never been so painful!
Third-Eyed-Raven who?

The Kills were so violent, how I hoped they would be! Every Slashing made my Jaw break to the Ground!
When somebody gets a Knife between his Ribs, it just feels and sounds so damn right!
Blood everywhere, countless stabbing with perfect Visuals and bone-shaking Music in the Backround!
That Gun-Kill will stay with me forever, WOW!

The only Problem is the Script and the Characters.
The Story just felt like something, to put between the Kill-Scenes, wasn't very suprising with to much unnecessary Twists.
You will know, who's the Killer from Minute One of his Apperance, on the other Hand, his Film-Reveal was one of my favourite Scenes!
Crows are resentful Motherfuckers!
Acting was well too, I only didn't had a big Connection to the Characters, but I would blame the weak Script for that!

A true Beauty of the Horror-Genre with breathtaking Kills, Make-Up and a Camera to die for!
Only the Script is a little dissapointing, but that harms the Film not so much.
Stays a very thrilling Piece of Argento and I'm looking forward, to watch more!

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