Tenet ★★★★

„Don't try to understand it, feel it.“

"Back to the Future 1+2", packed in a Nolan Agent-Heist-Action Disguise!
If somebody would explain me "Tenet" like that, I could at least imagine, how this Ride will Feel!

My only, actual Problem with this Film, that the Story is actually too simple for the Running-Time... yeah, you're reading right, I didn't suspected myself, writing THAT after watching the Movie!
But that's not a bad Thing, the whole Movie has this complete fresh Wind, the Agent-Action-Genre urgently needed!
The second Half really is so impressing and Fun to Watch, cause it's Nolan, jerking off to his absolute, favourite Topic: TIME!

The Visuals, oh my God the VISUALS are in one Word: Stunning!
Holy Shit, how big was this Budget and Knowledge about using Action and Stunts?!
And in Combination with that BRRRR-Score, whoaw, Porn!
It's a little Shame, that I missed it at Cinema, that would have been a absolute Blast!

I'm impressed Nolan, you really know how to create thrilling Blockbusters with an interesting Headline!
Please keep doing what you're doing Christopher "Quality" Nolan!

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