The French Connection

The French Connection ★★★★½

Christmas-Challenge 2020/#4:

Yeah, I know, my Definition of a Christmas-Movie is a little loose but come on, it's Gene Hackman having a On-Foot-Chase in a Santa-Costume, that's what's Christmas all about right?

This Movie is so damn cold and dirty, there're not much similar dirty Movies coming in my Mind!
It's not my usual Go-To Genre, it takes me a while to really get into "The French Connection", but when the tailing begins, I'm in.

Clever Script, intelligent Storytelling and one of the most iconic Bad-Cop and Not-So-Bad-Cop Relationship's I personally know.
And don't forget the Score, Tension pure!
Full of remarkable Scenes like the Car vs. Train Chase, the Subway-Chase or the Final, simply Outstanding!

William Friedkin created the Daddy of all the Cop-Crime-Thrillers and maybe the Best!

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