The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

Sony's wild Family Adventure on FUN-Drugs during a Robot-Apokalypse vs. A weak Script and my own Scepsis!

I'm always a little sceptic against these new Animation Films/Shows with their Non-Stop, Over-the-Top Humor with the only Aim, to be as sick, crazy, rude and extreme as possible!
That annoys me to DEATH, because I love this Genre with every Inch of my Body since I got the damn Abbility to Love and mostly, the most important Part is completely missing... the Heart!

However, "The Mitchells vs. The Machines" made me actually pretty happy and showed me, that there're still some Animators with the Heart on the right Spot out there!
Yeah, the Humor was Over-the-Top, bombing the Gags into your uninformed Face like a Machine-Gun with infinite Ammu, without giving you much Time to take a Breath!
And yeah, most of the Humor was not really mine but damn, I laughed!
I laughed so uncountable Times by getting that much Entertainment from these 2 Hours!

The Script wasn't something new AT ALL either, but the Heart kept pounding, giving every Charakter as much Sympathy as possible, by telling a very heartwarming Story about Family and their usual Problems... + the Robot-Apokolypse for sure!

And the Animation... WOW, simply WOW, I wanna watch this Film in Cinema, damn it!
What a Pleasure for the Eyes, even if this ended, being a complete Film-Fail to me, it would be still worth the Time for THAT Beauty!

Entertainment on Mass in Combination with Godtear Animation and Love, so much Love for the Genre and Film in general!
Weak Script looses, The Mitchells win!

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