The Shop Around the Corner

The Shop Around the Corner ★★★★½

Christmas-Challenge 2020/#1:

„Well, if you don't like Miss Novak, I can tell you right now, you won't like that Girl.“

"It's a beautiful Life" isn't the only, big Jimmy Stewart Christmas Classic!
Ok, to be honest, only the Final plays on Christmas, but who da Hell cares if that Ending is pure Perfection?

The Dialouges are charming with the perfect, Lubitsch Gag-Timing, the Characters are so unbelievable likeable (you will fall in Love with them during the first Half Hour, promise) and the whole Film has this warm, friendly Feeling everybodys looking for at Christmas Time!

Timeless Christmas-Classic with a wonderful Cast and Storytelling, Man, I laughed so much again, can't get that Smile out of my Face!

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