Winter Light

Winter Light ★★★★★

„Gott... warum hast du mich verlassen?“

One of the most Powerfull Dramas... No, Films I've ever saw!
Dialouges and Acting can't be better than in this Piece of Art!
Starts slow and than Ingmar takes the Decission to give you one unbeatable strong Scene after another till the Mindblowing Ending!

I never thought, that the Church or a Film about a lost Pastor could interest me at all, but than Bergman came, slapped me in the Face, shaked my whole Body and I can't get enough of it!
The Thought about Jesus really hit me like a Wrecking-Ball!

It's like the complete Opossite of "Wild Strawberries". That Movie left me with a good Message and gave me a warm Feeling the whole Time, even if there are much sad and Tragic Scenes in it.
But "Winter Light" could give you Depression, the Visuals and Characters gave me a damn Cold Feeling and let me freeze inside out and I couldn't stop looking and thinking!

WOW, Bergman, what a Genius!

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