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  • Le Petit Soldat
  • Let's Go with Pancho Villa!
  • The Young and the Damned
  • Robot Monster

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  • Jungle Woman


  • The Black Camel


  • Undersea Girl


  • The Cosmic Man


Recent reviews

  • Los endemoniados del ring

    Los endemoniados del ring


    A rather tame but decently written crime/lucha libre flick. No monsters or supernatural beings of any kind to be seen, just gangsters involved with wrestling. Two good masked leads with a bit more characterization to them than the usual film of this kind. A perfectly fine entry in the sub-genre but nothing truly outstanding.

  • Superzan and the Space Boy

    Superzan and the Space Boy


    At this point in lucha libre cinema several Agrasanchez pictures were shot in Guatemala to lower production costs and some of them were held by a director from said country: Rafael Lanuza. Lanuza was a Guatemalan director who began his career in 1952 with Una corona para mi madre and would continue to direct other films including some well-known luchador movies from the era. Although most of his independent Guatemalan filmography seems to be lost or straight up neglected.


Popular reviews

  • Christmas Evil

    Christmas Evil


    An odd Christmas horror movie. I wouldnt say its even that much of a traditional slasher.
    Its fun, cheesy, entertaining, moody and even effective at times, some scenes have really weird concepts that its almost impossible for them to work but they somehow made them work.

    I think Id rather watch Silent Night, Deadly Night but this is one of the horror flicks you should watch every holiday season if you want to see some deranged horror.

  • My Son, the Hero

    My Son, the Hero


    A magnificent film, I am speechless.