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  • Komodo



    A pretty ok movie with surprisingly good effects.

    I wasnt expecting much from this movie, I was actually expecting it to be bad, I wanted to laugh at what could possibly be terrible effects but its amazingly competent in that astpect, the komodo dragons are well done, specially the practical effects but the cgi is also decently looking for the time. However, everything else falls flat, the acting is not very good, the script has issues, as well as the…

  • Cañitas. Presencia

    Cañitas. Presencia

    The infamous "so bad its good" mexican horror film Cañitas is not only awful but its also quite boring. I have seen many people calling this a comedy, yet there is nothing in this movie that I would consider to be so terrible that its laughable, its mostly just a boring low budget horror movie that has a really bad reputation.

    Perhaps the most interesting aspect is that its shot so badly that it almost looks like a documentary, the…

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  • An American Werewolf in London

    An American Werewolf in London


    American Werewolf In London its an all time classic among horror fans, its directed by John Landis, who makes mostly comedies, but this is his first horror movie, because of that, the film its a mix between horror and comedy, a Horror-Comedy as most horror fans call it.

    The film goes from stupidity to horror, some of the
    craziest scenes are the werewolf Nazis, the porno cinema and the weird editing that leads to a sex scene.

    John Landis delivers…

  • The Exorcist III

    The Exorcist III


    Halloween 2017: 31 Days of horror

    I was really looking forward to watching this movie in October, I have been wanting to watch this movie for a long time and now that I did, I must say that I loved it.

    The first Exorcist was a fantastic film, one of the best ever made, incredibly effective and absorbing. The second Exorcist film I found to be underrated, but I must admit that not everyone can enjoy such a deranged trip,…