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  • The Asylum

    The Asylum

    Terrible found footage film directed by Ken Collins.

  • Wonderstruck



    As much as I love Haynes as a director and Selznick as an author, I wasn’t Wonderstruck by this film. 

    The structure is too rigid and feels contrived. This means that other than the child alone in the city motif, there’s little here to engage with emotionally. Which is a shame, as in its inclusivity for the deaf actors involved, the backstory to the film is interesting and worthy of support.

    That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, just that it was disappointing

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  • Cub



    I think I was expecting this to be a more arthouse examination of identity (like Goodnight Mommy), instead it's a refreshing slice of brutal Belgian exploitation.

  • Forbidden Kingdom

    Forbidden Kingdom


    Terrible pacing, awful wrap-around narrative, and a tone that careers wildly about the place, at least 50% of this film should be on a 'so bad it's almost good' list.

    Initially (and from the publicity) this seems like a remake of the classic piece of folk-horror cinema, however the story here is very much expanded - although whether or not that's in keeping with Gogol's novella I've yet to find out.

    However, not being a simple remake works in its…