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  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes

    The Abominable Dr. Phibes

    "We embark on a fable about a man, Anton Phibes(Vincent Price)
    whose Victoria(Caroline Munro)perishes on an operating table
    whose vehicle wrecks as he recklessly drives
    silently assisted by Vulnavia(Virginia North), who's decked out in sable
    A concert organist and doctor of music and theology
    Gruesomely disfigured, he rebuilds his face
    from the responsible doctors he'll accept no apology
    with Inspector Trout(Peter Jeffery)of the Yard assigned to the case
    Inspired to blood vengeance by the plagues of the Pharaoh
    He plots…

  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange

    "There is me, your humble narrator, that is Big Wop, making up me rassoodocks about what film to govoreet upon this fine nochy, little brothers 'n sisters, when it tolchocked me reasonness as I puffed away real horrorshow on another cancer, that we hadn't
    wrapped our mozggies around a bolshy lomtick of cult sinny by that sammy moodge eemyaed Stanley Kubrick, droogies. Feeling razdraz, I rabbited away on my oddy knocky, brosaying slovoes and messels like the baddiwaddest bratchny, and…

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  • Smart Alecks

    Smart Alecks

    The tenth "East Side Kids" feature of twenty one they'd make under the moniker, following the seven they made as "Dead End Kids". Four years later, they'd become the "Bowery Boys" and make forty-eight more pictures together. Low budget, assembly line productions full of witty street banter and Leo Gorcey's trademark malapropisms they were, and this one is no different, though, at twenty-five years old, calling Gorcey a "Kid" is a bit of a stretch. You'll love it or you'll hate it.

  • Dead End

    Dead End


    Apex hoodlum "Babyface" (Humphrey Bogart) Martin returns to the East side slum he crawled outta with acid-burned fingerprints and a new plastic mug to find out his own mudder can't stand the sight of him, and his best gal? Well she's a Demi-Tasse now, and she's got a case of crotch rot. Aww, nuts. Also notable for the first appearance of the Dead End Kids/Bowery Boys. Swell chunk of urban drama, see??!!!?? Just swell.

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  • Island of Blood

    Island of Blood

    Alternately titled Whodunit?, this should have been titled Whydidtheymakeit?

  • Killing Birds

    Killing Birds

    We can thank Aristide Massaccesi, aka/ Joe D'amato for the only horror movie centered around the green billed woodpecker to date. Robert Vaughn, in his scariest role since the Metzger-Wickersham commercials, plays a vengeful Vietnam cuck named Brown, who cuts the throats of his cheatin' wife, her lover, and even his in-laws, who'd been watching their baby. A nearby falcon from Brown's aviary objects strongly to all this murder, and abruptly pecks his eyes, leaving him with a face like…