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  • Youngblood
  • Friday Foster
  • The Monkey Hustle
  • Black Samurai

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  • Gamera 2: Attack of Legion


  • The New Mutants

  • Elvis - That's the Way It Is


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  • Elvis



    I grew up with Elvis, and I mean that musically, sort of physically, and spiritually. Though I wasn’t alive, I had a friend whose father embodied Elvis. He had the swagger and the looks and wardrobe, but most importantly, he kept a basement filled with memorabilia and rooms where it’d give this feeling that Elvis would so have similar arrangements, like his jungle room. He’d play us the music when he took his son and me for grub, and the…

  • Menace II Society

    Menace II Society


    It's been 5 years since I last watched Menace II Society, a film where its gritty depiction of Crenshaw and Watts gets explored with vibrant cinematography, reeling you into this monstrous epic that explores how systematic actions affect the path Caine and O-Dawg walk. From its opening scene, where O-Dawg shoots up a local Asian market–a year removed from the peak of the LA Riots–from there we get a sense that this is something created by the world around them.…

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  • The New Mutants

    The New Mutants

    my only positives:

    - Maisie Williams

    - Those 15 seconds in the film where they show the climactic battle in Hush, the season 4 Buffy episode.

  • Regina Spektor: Live in London

    Regina Spektor: Live in London


    Beneath the lavish pop and copious upon copious amounts of Hip-Hop/Rap, one genre of music that constantly plucks the right chords with me is the piano-driven singer-songwriter. Norah Jones is an all-time favorite artist of mine–so of course–I love the music of a close friend and contemporary Regina Spektor. Her London Concert is lively, filled to the brim with joyful piano playing and vocals. Unfortunately, it’s after the release of 2009’s Far, an album I’m not the fondest about. There…

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