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  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    A total mess of film full of lazy writing and convient breaks for everyone.
    I mean how many times can Nolan jump the gun before it's not okay anymore.

    This movie was a disgusting insult to anyone watching it, to the actors' abilities and to Nolan's own name. Yes, I mad.

  • The Expendables 2

    The Expendables 2


    Ahhnold was the best thing about this movie. All his cheesy-half-mocking one-liners made me giddy.

    All in all, Expendables 2 was pretty entertaining. This time around it was actually constructed around call-backs and cameos like it should've been, instead of that pseudo 80's action flick like the first Expendables.

    I'm not saying there is any real reason why this movie should exist, but it was pretty damn entertaining for what it is.

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  • ParaNorman



    don't bully kids or else they'll haunt after you (possibly to death)

    an actually great spin on a typical "we're-just-going-to-make-fun-of-classic-monster-flicks" genre. The story (though aimed at children) was surprisingly fresh and smart.

    The visuals were fucking sweet too - each model was extremely distinct and characterized, and all the sets were beautiful. According to a co-worker there were no straight lines in the film. I particularly admired the design for the family car.

    of course it's important to tell you that stop motion gives me a fully-animated boner

  • Prometheus


    Wasted potential. Alien & Aliens were great, this one is a convoluted mess that isn't creepy, smart or very interesting.