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  • Dunkirk



    War is.. you know, hell. This venture from Nolan was much different film than I was expecting. (Also note, I saw this in 35mm at the Vista Theater in Los Angeles.) A film that I wanted to check out and won't go into too much detail but it definitely screams to be seen on the big screen rather than at home.

  • Sisters



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  • Intruder



    Here's a nice little slasher gem, for most the name Sam Raimi is always riddled with Evil Dead and ..ahem Spiderman, BUT there is this awesome flick involving a small grocery store under attack by a vicious psycho killer. Track down this little flick and find out what happens overnight when the clerks become the hunted! ENJOY! -carlosrossi NOTE: Greg Nicotero of Walking Dead fame worked on this film!!

  • The Innkeepers

    The Innkeepers


    Ti West gave us a GREAT start with the House of the Devil film, but did not deliver the same caliber of evil in this film. Following more of a Hammer style approach this film was a true slow burn with more jumps than visual fear. Following the story of 2 hotel employees the film unravels a dark past locked inside the building's old history. Definitely a movie I'd rent as opposed to purchasing however, I have given this film…