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  • Possession



    Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession began with a wandering shot of subdued Berlin. Sam Neill’s Mark was inside a moving car, looking impatient. Later he met his wife, Anna, who asked for a divorce. We learnt that she had been seeing someone else when Mark was away. She became more and more absent for both Mark and their son Bob, and his pleads for her to stay at their apartment each time she returned became less desperate. However, Possession is not to…

  • The Seen and Unseen

    The Seen and Unseen


    While being heavy on symbolism and emotions, Sekala Niskala was encapsulated in a way that was childlike and innocent. Through haunting choreography and imagery (I thought about the yolkless egg for days), Kamila Andini immaculately blurred the lines between reality and fantasy, and where the joy ended and the grief started. Just like Tantri, you would slowly realize that the silence had become deafening and the dance was coming to an end, leaving you alone and quivering.

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  • Whiplash



    It lives up every single expectation. It is that good, y'all. Miles Teller was/is so fucking talented and I grow to like him more and more. J.K. Simmons was loud and immensely terrifying. They two gave one of the most intense performances I've ever seen. I kept finding myself clenching my fists and my heartbeat racing with Teller's drumming. Whiplash is glorious!

  • Two Days, One Night

    Two Days, One Night


    I forgot that this was just a movie and they were just acting, and dammit I held my breath for too long and I whimpered too many times. Kudos to Marion Cotillard and everyone.