MoonKnight7 has written 48 reviews for films rated ★★★½ .

  • Days of Thunder

    Days of Thunder


    A really great racing movie but the other stuff really makes it lose steam

  • Man on Fire

    Man on Fire


    Where man on fire?

  • Bedazzled



    Pretty fun movie

  • Red Notice

    Red Notice


    Cool twist

  • The Legend

    The Legend


    Hilarious martial arts comedy with some very unique and over the top action sequences

  • The Lost City

    The Lost City


    This was a fun adventure rom-com with a good cast that delivered. The chemistry between Tatum and Bullock helped the movie obviously.

    Started off a bit low and the jokes didnt land that much at first but it picked up its pace and the jokes got better. Sadly, Radcliffe was wasted. As the villain, he could have gotten much more material to work with rather than the one-dimensional caricature of a villain he got to portray

    Brad Pitt though stole the entire show haha

  • Godzilla



    Expected more from this but a good time nevertheless

    The musical score was amazing by the way


  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley


    Greed and ambition are two distinct attributes which our protagonist, Mr. Stanton Carlisle seemingly mixes up heavily.

    A more dark and atmospheric adaptation of the novel than then 1947 version, this film still steeps lower than the original. Del Toro wanted it to be different...yes but in doing so, it does become a bit dull.

    This time around, Stan is depicted as a more slightly greedier and evil version than the original movie's Stan and this job is done exquisitely…

  • Thor



    Ragnarok best though

  • Iron Man 2

    Iron Man 2


    The general consensus of this film is that its really bad but imo its a really good sequel with RDJ giving a great performance but yes, inferior to the original though

  • Jungle Cruise

    Jungle Cruise


    A fine adventure movie which although having a weka script is perhaps elevated by the cast.

    Inspired by Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and so many more adventure films, Jungle Cruise is a fun ride. The jokes land sometimes, sometimes the don't.

    All over, a pretty good film

  • F9



    Although physics and logic are missing from this film, it's still a very fun film nevertheless.