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Amilcar Pavot


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  • Satantango
  • Andrei Rublev
  • Tokyo Story
  • Aguirre, the Wrath of God

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  • Gangsters and Philantropists

    Gangsters and Philantropists


    The Polish Jerzy Hoffmann and Edward Skórzewski had made 17 documentaries together before shooting their first feature film, a comedy "Gangsterzy i filantropi" in 1962. The film has two segments (a third one was turned dow by the Polish censure board) that are loosely connected.

    In the first segment "Gangsters", an elegant gentleman gangster nicknamed "Professor" plans to commit a perfect crime, a money truck robbery, with his regular sidekick 'Parmesan', the twins 'the Siamese brothers', Baldy and the taxi…

  • Bedlam



    "Bedlam" was Val Lewton's 11th film for RKO Radio Pictures, since they hired him in 1942 to lead their B-film horror unit. He had made films with Jacques Tourneur, but also with two newcomers, Robert Wise and Mark Robson. For this new film he is inspired by 'A Rake's Progress' a series of paintings/engravings by William Hogarth, about Tom Rakewell, a rich heir who squanders his fortune on luxurious living, prostitution and gambling. In the 8th and final plate Tom…

Popular reviews

  • Austerlitz



    Abel Gance had planned to make another five films after filming his epic Napoleon, released in 1927, but after the financial loss of his first film, it was impossible for him to find money to complete his project. Finally more than 30 years later he could make a second one, backed by a French, a Yugoslavian and two Italian production companies. He wrote a screenplay together with the Argentinian Nelly Kaplan, who had worked with Gance before in 1954, and…

  • Hester Street

    Hester Street


    I would like to be a lawyer for this film and sue anyone who dares to give it a rating of less than 4 stars. Gentlemen of the jury, 'Hester Street' has been seriously misjudged and damaged by a number of filistines.

    Joan Micklin Silver, was a female director in the seventies, a rarity in the chauvinistic male-dominated film world. As Joan told herself in an interview:

    "When I started, there were no women directing at all in the so-called…