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  • Venom



    This ain't good, but it's fucking wild. Klaus Kinski and Oliver Reed getting into a nightmare cage match with each other and a snake makes this pretty much required viewing. This must have been hell to work on.

  • Glass



    Did every character need to keep explaining how a comic book works? We're so inundated with superhero stuff now that we don't need to be reminded about the basic tropes.

    On the other hand, it's maybe Shyamalan's best looking film so far. I'm glad he got to finish his impromptu series his way and I'm excited to see he does next.

    Also, the Shyamalan cameo is his worst cameo to date (The Lady In The Water was not a cameo).

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  • Bao



    The first Pixar short to endorse vore

  • Monkey Shines

    Monkey Shines


    Hooptober 5.0 - What Have You Done To Hooptober?

    A movie stuffed with so many weird disjointed ideas and themes only George Romero could make it. The pacing is rough and it honestly doesn't quite work most of the time, but damn if it isn't the kind of horror filmmaking I dig.