Tenet ★★★

It may deserve a second viewing but I am not really sure I could be bothered. All I would be doing is trying to figure out, well if that is supposed to happen then why are they doing that like that, kind of thing. The basic premise is fairly simple but whether it adheres to its own internal logic who knows; there is so much going on it’s tricky keeping up.

There is absolutely no doubt it is ambitious and visually impressive but the truth is after the first hour and a half I didn’t really care. It was just an overlong and expensive looking heist. I didn’t feel the jeopardy of the overall situation and to be honest didn’t really care for any of the players. 

The last hour is the payoff. Nolan really tries to mess with your head and again the work and planning of the crossovers is to be commended. However once the “aah” moment has initially passed I was again losing interest. 

Once it was finished my overriding feeling was that I hadn’t been entertained and at no point felt anything. That might just be me.

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