Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

I’m usually not that big a fan of Guy Ritchie, but man this movie fucking ownsssss, Like everything about it is just so  insane, had such a blast with this. I feel his style and direction worked the best here, the narrative is similar to Snatch with the bouncing through different times and focusing on different characters, but the narrative has such a clear focus, and feels as if it it is slowly leading up to something big. 

The camerawork is also just really stylish, and I loved the fucking look of the movie. So many dope action sequences, like the whole final heist/shootout at the depot is just a fucking rollercoaster. 

Jason Statham does his usual badass character, but his character in this is just so cool, the whole tale of revenge is really well executed, and the more we learn about H the more we become more engrossed in his mission.  Most of the tension and intensity comes from H and his thirst for revenge. Scott Eastwood is also such a good Foil, so despicable and evil.

It’s just such a fun and stylish Neonoir, that goes by so fast. Reminded me a lot of Heat and Den of thieves at times.  Easily one of the best movies of the year so far. 

Also ahhh they show this one robbery sequence three separate times from multiple different perspectives, and I just find it really neat and cool and crazy.

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