• Yesterday



    Lily James so fine, wtf is this movie though they don’t even bother exploring the concept 💀, the rom com aspects are cute tho!, Ed Sheeran made me wanna rip my eyes out.

  • Encanto
  • Cast Away

    Cast Away


    Ok I’m finally done with airplane movies, this was the perfect one to end with!!, I felt the stuff on the island could have been more explored, but man this really hit, I love how most of the movie was told through the visuals and imagery, it’s so quiet and Hanks performance is just lovely, also the ending section is just painfulllll. Storytelling at its finest!!

  • Con Air

    Con Air


    So bombastic and chaotic!, this is what the movies were made for!!!!

  • Executive Decision

    Executive Decision


    Such a fun action packed plane hostage movie! With racist stereotypes, and American pride!!!, wasn’t as in your face  as “Air Force one”, but still there were some eye rolling moments 😭. Love how intense the stakes were in this though, they had to diffuse the bomb, stop the terrorists on the plane, while also trying to stop the the government from shooting the plane down, it’s all so well built up and the climax is just such an adrenaline rushhhh. Some crazy editing in this!

  • Red Eye

    Red Eye


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Loved the lighting, such a fun thriller!, those MFS really used a damn Bazooka for a fucking assassination tho lmfaoo😭.

  • Sully



    The non linear narrative caught me off guard, but I love how it focuses more on the aftermath and whatnot, since the incident really didn’t last that long. Loved what it was doing though in terms of exploring Sully, the recreation of the event really hits!

  • 7500



    Not horrible, but yea it did feel a little stretched out, Joseph Gordon Levitt really stands out though, and having the whole movie set in the cockpit does create some good tension.

  • Air Force One

    Air Force One


    This is the most American shit ever 😭, Wonderfully directed though, super intense and the hostage situation stuff and the scale of it is crazy. I fucked with the first half and the urgency of the situation, but Jesus christ some of the lines in this had me rolling my eyes, at times it’s deadass just a propaganda, Harrison Ford as the President rocks tho!!!

  • Non-Stop



    Liam Neeson causes chaos on an airplane!!!, pretty much the same plot as the commuter 😭, but it’s so ridiculous and fast paced, plus the airplane setting  works so well.

  • Airplane!



    Oh, my God! The automatic pilot, it's deflating!

  • Flight



    Denzel was acting his ass of as a self destructive alcoholic!, his performance here and the character is just super tragic and engaging.