Sorry We Missed You ★★★★

Ken Loach's follow-up to his 2016 award winner I, Daniel Blake is another social drama focusing on ordinary people and their financial struggles within the system. It's a relatable and realistic story of a working-class family weighed down by financial woes brought on by the 2008 crisis. It shows them trapped in a vicious cycle that's taking a toll on the parents' health and their relationship with their children, in this case the teen aspiring graffiti artist Seb. The family is played by a cast of newcomers who do an excellent job portraying believable real characters, especially Kris Hitchen in the role of the father. The script by Paul Laverty gives the actors ample opportunity to deliver naturally sounding dialogue and there's plenty of drama which doesn't rely on emotional manipulation to be engrossing and somewhat heartbreaking. The film's very open ending symbolizes the ongoing struggle of the family and works well in that regard, although it doesn't make for a satisfying conclusion for the viewer.