Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

This was my first tiff film I’ve ever attended and I could not be more happy because place beyond the pines is one of my favourite films ever so when I heard the co screenwriter is debuting his movie featuring Riz Ahmed, honing a similar aesthetic to Goslings character, Luke,  it was all I can dream of. As a Pakistani hijabi, it’s rare to come by a celebrity in Hollywood that’ll represent my people and religion in such a positive way and Riz does exactly that. He’s also such a great actor so going into this film blind didn’t worry me at all because I knew he would absolutely crush it.... which is exactly what he did. 

Sound of metal is such a unique film, the way it immersed the audience and made us experience the loss of hearing that Riz’s character, Ruben, was going through was incredibly impactful and emotional. The active involvement and casting of people from the deaf community and incorporating their culture was representation that was very needed in this industry. I will truly never forget this film, it honestly has a special place in my heart. I genuinely can’t wait to rewatch this soon and reabsorb every aspect of it. 

side note: ok whoever was in charge of rizs hair and costume..... I love you.... manifested my dream man into reality

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