Her ★★★★★

There are so many good ways to describe Her I can't even pick one. For they are all accurate but ill-suitable. Judging by that I'll assume that what we have here is one hell of a good movie.
The greatness starts with the absolutely brilliant yet simple story of a man falling for his artificially intelligent computer operating system. Rarely have I come across a premise so original and compelling, which is then made greater thanks to the genius of Spike Jonze. His screenplay is a glorious revelation, perfectly combining dozens of themes and perspectives into a well organized plot. My brain just kept on spinning with each emotion and idea, literally Her never stopped being engaging and compelling.
Jonze's direction too is masterful. The intimacy and closeness required for such an unusual love story is felt, all thanks to the warm-hearted touch of Her's cinematography, mood, score and editing. Also amazing is Jonze and company's vision of the future, never have I seen a futuristic world so like our own on film. The sets, costumes and technology are easily possible and therefore tremendously provocative.
Joaquin Phoenix delivers yet another stirring performance as Theodore Twombly. Demonstrating a superb emotional range and truly making the audience relate to him as a man caught in a bizarre and passionate relationship. Even better is Scarlett Johansson as the voice of Samantha. With Johansson's emotional and dedicated delivery it literally feels as if she is right next to Phoenix as they love, laugh, question, confess, cry and most of all, live.
Her is a beautiful and deeply significant gem as it expertly combines spellbinding emotions, ideas, direction, and performances into a perfect testament of how life is lived now.

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