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  • Raisins Sold Out: The California Raisins II
  • The Studio of Dr. Faust
  • The Manipulator
  • The Room of Laughter

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  • Dionysus


  • The Sin of Jesus

  • La cité des neuf portes

  • Jardin privé

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  • Adam and Eve

    Adam and Eve

    the thing about this review is u can’t see/read/hear it. u can’t because i am clapping. and my clapping is drowning out the words. all the words i wrote about how beautiful a thing it is, to take some ol bible stuff and bend it into fodder for grindhouse sleaze while pretending that’s not your scheme... to not stop there but go right ahead and spatter it with surreal shit like adam being born out of a bod horror flesh…

  • How to Become a Star

    How to Become a Star


    clown, antics, and parrot with a man’s voice fans need to watch this. hey what is this, the clown, antics, and parrot with a man’s voice equivalent of a pizza place? because it delivers. this is how u do a clown antics and parrot with man’s voice movie! this is how. : •)

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  • Extra Terrestrian: Die Außerirdische

    Extra Terrestrian: Die Außerirdische


    big thank you to the letterboxd team for approving my submission of “e.t.: the vagina” at long last. you’re welcome, letterboxd community! the collective exhale is palpable and i am among ye exhalers. today marks the dawning of a great new chapter for letter boxing, thank u team.