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Watched for Actor's Gorge || 7/??

"Baby, you are gonna miss that plane."

This is a film completely reliant on the performances of its leads, focusing even more intently on their relationship than the film preceding it. Thankfully, Linklater's trust in Delpy and Hawke pays off. Before Sunset is a wonderful conversation-focused film, significantly elevated by its attention to detail and its larger role in Linklater's trilogy.

There's a line in this movie where Jesse asks Celine how she feels about reincarnation and she says she thinks the idea is silly, which is in contrast to her saying she likes the idea in Before Sunrise. I don't believe that this is a mistake, or that Linklater somehow forgot her initial line on the matter, but rather its one of many small indicators of how they've changed - whether that be that she had a genuine change of opinion, or she feels more comfortable with herself now and doesn't feel the need to shield her beliefs.

It's the little moments like these that help to make the story more believable, along with things like Celine almost touching Jesse while he's talking in the car but pulling back before he notices, or the anticipation of her saying his name in the song she wrote and their small smiles to each other when she does.

Really good stuff.

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