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This review may contain spoilers.

Watched for Actor's Gorge || 8/15

The animation in Fantastic Planet is incredibly unique both in its style and use of color, and the film's soundtrack really helps to set an eerie, unsettling tone for its imagined world. I'm just not sure how I feel about the narrative, particularly its ending.

The fact that people can logically argue the film being an allegory about animal rights or about civil rights and/or the Holocaust certainly highlights its weird mixed messages and messy handling of the two species' dynamics - and the fact that it finishes with a "happy ending" wherein the two species have apparently learned to coexist peacefully after both sides attempted to commit genocide for years prior is troubling to say the least. It might make more sense if they had shown the two sides working together, but there's barely any lead-up to this utopian ending. It's only brought about by a peace treaty when the Draags relent that the "Oms" have gotten too smart for them to fight against. This isn't exactly a children's movie, so such a lackluster ending seems out of place and unrealistic.

And if it isn't meant to be a direct allegory for anything? ..Well, then, the plot itself is just kind of weak.

On a purely visual level though I do think there's a lot to love. The few creatures we see (besides the Draags and humans) have some nice, imaginative character designs, and the concept of showing things through the heads of the Draags is cool. Lots of really good creative energy here, it just falls short in the writing department.