Godzilla ★★

I don't like this Film. I really do not like this film...

Here is a controversial opinion: Godzilla 1998 is also a bad Film but at least it is one thing: Entertaining. This flick is not.
There is one thing that is way worse than a bad film: A boring film. Thats exactly what this film is.
It fails at being a monster action film because the monster that this movie is named after has about 10 minutes of screentime...in this two hour movie. Now some would argue that this version wanted to focus on the human characters just like the original from the 50s. Well, it is true the humans have a lot more screentime but just try to remember any of the characters names or characteristics ...Heisenberg and Scarlet Witch does not count.
This movie simply fails. It is far too univentful to be a monster movie but also way too flat to be a touching drama in a catastrophic scenario.

Just watch Pacific Rim instead.