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  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    This time around the visuals were even more stunning and the score was more noticable. The parents loved it anyways.

  • Shoplifters



    This was unbelievably close to becoming one of my new favourite movies ever. A top 10 one for sure. But I think maybe because I didn't get to finish it in one sitting (due to circumstances) made the ending feel disappointing. But in my mind, I tell myself that's probably the intention. I will be watching this again soon in one sitting to get final thoughts.

    But for now, INCREDIBLE movie. My first Japanese film I've seen and my heart,…

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  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street


    The Wolf Of Wall Street is an "intense" thriller starring Leonardo DaFabio and Jonah Hill (Bless that lovely man). Directed by the legendary Martin Scorcese, this thriller seems to tread familiar ground with the whole missing-person-gotta-find-who-took-that-person-who-took-that-missing-person-and-kill-him/her/it thriller film.
    First off, the synopsis of the film. Acting as a modern retelling of the classic German tale of Hund Verloren, Leonardo's character that is for some reason my own name was staying by Voight Family in New York. He has to look…

  • Anomalisa



    "Michael you were having a bad dream. You were thrushing, you hit me in the face with your elbow"
    "Oh I'm so sorry"
    "Oh it's ok, I kinda liked it, it's kinda intimate"

    Been meaning to watch this one for a while, I'm a very big fan of Charlie Kaufman. And this film is indeed everything I'd expect from him based on what else I've seen, nearly. Surreal story elements/presentation, yep, exploration of some extremely human themes, that too, driven…