Rumble Fish ★★★★★

This movie was insanely good, I was speechless throughout the whole film. First, there is an insanely suave yet confused and lost Matt Dillon, and a gorgeous, youthful Diane Lane. Add in some classics like Dennis Hopper, Nicholas Cage, and Diana Scarwid (I gasped when she showed up!) and I was hooked. This movie is unforgettable in part because of the brotherly tension, love, and sadness in between Mickey Rourke (who is so insanely attractive and looks just like Bruce Willis here) and Dillon. The beautiful story that is interwoven with gang violence, family issues, and coming of age (a favorite genre of mine) is something that must be seen. The intense use of sudden color of the fish from the beginning to the end makes complete sense, and there is nothing like the vivid blues and reds against a stark black and white background. The deep underlying themes and symbolism were so impactful and subtle that I was glued to the screen. 

This film is important due to the use of amazing cinematography (intense shadows, angles, panning shots, use of above and below cameras, and close ups). It also highlights perhaps one of the best scores to a movie I have ever heard from the drummer of The Police. I felt tension, excitement, and so much depth with the use of the music. The film would have been substantially less impactful without the music. 

Some favorite quotes include:
“Black and white tv is like color tv without the sound.”
“If you’re going to lead people, you have to have somewhere to go.”

I have to say that this film really is one of the best I have seen in a long time. Bravo.

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